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However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.

The old temple of light is shrouded in darkness. You are the new avatar of light and need to restore light to the ruins.

Explore your way in the ruins, try to avoid getting lost in the darkness. Light the torches to restore your power and unlock doors.

Mouse and keyboard Controls: 

E to launch lightball, Click for punch, Spacebar for jumping, WASD for movement. Enter to respawn.

Gamepad Controls

Select to respawn, A to jump, Left trigger for lightball, right trigger for punch.

Created for the Epic Megajam 2017

Install instructions

Unrar the file and click WOL.exe


MadTriangles_Kyndill.rar 302 MB


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I took a look!

are you interested in feedback?

Its fine, but we arent going to finish the game as it was just for the gamejam.